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Dalmatian Dog

Where Dogs & Humans come to learn 

* Separation anxiety 

* Puppy won’t come when called 

* OCD behaviors inside/outside 

* Dog won’t stay when told  

* Fears and Phobias

* Dog Aggression 

* Dog has Separation anxiety  

* Chewing and destruction 

* Potty training   

* Barking /lunging at dogs 

* Barking at home  

* Aggression

* Hyper activity

* Our Professional Behaviorist Dog Trainer will come to your home or you can train your dog at our fun dog center.

Services: South Carolina 

Pet store - Doggie Boutique

Dog grooming

Doggie Day Care  

Dog boarding

Dog obedience 

Dog agility

Doggie boot camp

Service Dog Training

Dog massage/Acupuncturist

Our Facility location

Carolina Canine College is located at the back of the X Gym/Sports Mall on George Bishop Parkway in Myrtle Beach, SC.  

The facility is 4000 square feet. 

We have mat flooring to comfort you and your dog while you train. 

We also, have a Pet Shop offering supplies such as very attractive collars, leashes, and hard to find toys. 

All to assist you in training your dog.

What our customers are saying

Sully started training school today at Carolina Canine College!  HUGE SUCCESS! Trainer said he is very smart!  Kracker starts next week.

Cindy Horvath Geary

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