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Good Dog Obedience Classes

After This Class your dog

will be

 welcomed anywhere!

A beginner dog class for all ages of dogs that need a strong foundation .

5 week course - Once a week - One hour class.

Equipment -6 foot leash, treat bag, small treats.

Curriculum: Sit,Sit stay, come, touch,  place, heel and all behavior issues.

Class Cost - $145.00

Level 1: Beginner Basic

Obedience/AKC S.T.A.R. 

AKC Class

LEVEL 1 Obedience ($175.00 for 5 lessons)                       

Basic beginner commands such as sit, stay, heel, come, down and touch. Other behavioral issues will be addressed and discussed in class, such as, jumping, biting, pulling, etc. Dogs will learn to be social with people, and learn to listen with other dogs present. 

Positive reinforcement is focused on when training.

*MUST ATTEND ALL 6 CLASSES   to receive Beginners Graduation Certificate (dogs older than 1 year old).

or STAR PUPPY certificate through AKC (puppies less than 1 year old).

Requirements: Must have rabies vaccination

Six, 60 minute sessions


Walk In Sessions

Want to train on your own($15.00 per session per dog- no time limit) 

Come practice anytime in these open, non-structured sessions. An instructor will be there to help and answer any questions.


Pack Walk: Put Your Skills to Work

($25.00 per session)

Weather permitting, we will meet in local parks, downtown, etc, to practice loose leash heeling and basic obedience skills

Requirements: Must have Beginner Obedience Skills

45-60 minute sessions.

Level 2: Beginner Obedience, Canine Good Citizen Prep

($140.00 - 4 week class)

Focus on attention, come, loose lead walking, sit and down stays. We will work on other commands as well, but the main goal is for your dog to come when called and to walk by your side on a loose lead with distractions. Clicker training will be introduced with the "Go-To-Place" Command. This class will begin to prepare you and your dog for the

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test.

Requirements: Must have Beginner Obedience Skills

Four, 60 minute sessions


($140.00 - 4 week class)

Focused Heeling , Stand, Moving Stand, , Recall (Review), Moving Down, Figure Eights and other Patterns, Recall w/Distractions, Focused Heeling w/Distractions, Heel Free, Sit/Down/Stand Stay with Distractions, Go to Place, Heel Free w/Distractions and Patterns, Stand for Exam, Front, Pivot, Recall with Distractions

Requirements: MUST HAVE TAKEN Level 2 Obedience or have CGC Title

Four, 60-90 minute sessions

Level 3: Intermediate Obedience, Therapy Dog Prep

($120.00 - 4 week class)

Review of all Basic Obedience skills, Canine Good Citizen Skills, Go-To-Mat and preparation for Therapy Dog skills. Focus on proofing behaviors with distractions. Introduction to walking off leash.

Requirements: Must have taken Level 2 OR be pre-approved by the instructor.

Four, 60-90 minute sessions.

Rally Obedience Class

($140.00 - 4 week class)

A fun way to use your obedience skills. Rally is obedience sport where a dog and handler move around a course of numbered signs with each sign requiring a certain exercise to be performed. Exercises such ad Sit, Down, Heel, Right turn, Left turn, About turn and many more. This sport promotes a bonding and trust between dog and handler and fun for both while learning and practicing basic commands used every day in order to become a happy and obedient family member.  Go to to get more information.

Requirements: Must have beginners skills and dog must be crate trained.

Four 60 minute sessions.


Drop In Rally Classes

This is a Drop in Class where you and your dog can practice and learn more about the sport of Rally. 

Wednesday:  6:30 pm - Until

Thursday:  10:30 am - Until

$25.00 per session


Therapy Dog Workshop

During this 60 – 90 minute workshop we will discuss what it takes for you and your dog to 

become a Therapy Dog Team.  ($75.00)

We will practice the items on the Therapy Dogs International (TDI) Test so you can get an idea of what the test is like and the skills need to pass.

Please call to register for this workshop


Dog Agility For Fun

This is a drop in class for those who would like to train in the sport of Agility.  Your dog will learn to navigate the equipment used for Agility and how to run a course.  The rest is just for fun $30.00 per class (come when you want).

Beginners:  Saturday & Sunday's 2:00 pm - until call ahead

Intermediate:  Monday 10:30 am - until


Beginner Agility (150.00 5 Sessions) 

An introduction to the sport of Agility.  Learn to navigate jumps and contact equipment with a focus on how to control your dog off leash.


Tricks - Beginner/Novice

($30.00 per session)

Tricks needed to attain the  Novice AKC Tricks Title will be taught in this class.  You do not have to apply for a title - just come and have fun and learn some cool dog tricks!  In order to earn a Novice Tricks Title dogs with a CGC Title must perform 5 tricks on the list, those without CGC must perform 10 tricks from this list.

Go to for more information

One, 60-90 session

Tricks - Intermediate

($30.00 per session)

Tricks from the​ Intermediate AKC Tricks Title will be taught in this class.  You do not have to apply for a title - just come and have fun and learn some cool dog tricks! In order to earn a Intermediate Tricks Title dogs must perform 10 tricks on the Intermediate list.

Go to for

more information

Competition Obedience

($25.00 per session)

This class is offered on Thursday evenings and is geared towards those with a desire to enter  Obedience Competition. The instructor is an Obedience and Rally Judge.  She brings to the class several years of experience and knowledge.  If competition is not your desire this is a great venue to dramatically improve your dogs obedience skills.

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